Fight or Flight

I felt your fingers lightly stroke my body. I breathed in, eyes closed. I didn’t want to see. When your fingers left my body I was already flinching. A sharp slap came down on my arse. I wiggled from the sting.

  You paused and bent down to kiss my neck, you stroked my hair. Intimacy and fear. I hate the waiting. You spanked me again, harder this time. I moaned. You grabbed my loose hair and pulled it together. You pulled my body closer to you. 

  ‘Did you like that?’ You asked me, your lips close to my ear.  I nodded quickly. You spanked me three times.  I resisted the urge to wiggle. I didn’t want my hair being yanked out of my head. You slowly released me. Instead of resuming my position I turned around. My face looking up at yours. I slapped you in the face. Your eyes changed from playful to hungry. You slapped me back, slightly harder. I moved to a kneeling  position and kissed you. Kissing you hard, my hands moved to your hair. Your  hands mirrored mine. Both of us pulled.

I broke away, ‘Is this what you want?’ I whispered. You pushed me back onto the bed, your hands squeezed my arms. I felt the hardness from you between my legs. Your position changed as you entered me.

  I don’t know who is in charge now.