Tension of Rope

Tension of Rope was created as a collage poem from three different unknown sources. It was a university class exercise.


Your arms, as well as the wrists,   bound up savagely

bend and twist in as many ways as you can

Gulp and pant       Stop and start again


That tightening is tension   against my chest

Your breathing should be effortless

strokes the skin like a brush       Use a mirror


The odd one out   no tension  for its vague uncertainty

Study your own a good deal of it is under the surface

tightening tension is obtained


The tapestry   the wrists    your arms  

comfortably supported   undue pressure on the thighs

The future is higher than the present



He had his hands on her, one on the small of her back, slightly pressing her body into him, the other stroking her brown wavy hair. His fingers slightly dipping into the strands, as his fingers run down. 

    ‘So that’s my life, not too depressing for you, eh?’ he says, looking down at her.

      She raises her head from his chest, letting his hand fall from her hair. Leaning her face towards his, she gently kisses his forehead, casting her eyes down at his. Smiling slightly as she brushes his hair from his face

 You didn’t have to tell me all this now.

Pressing her forehead against his, as if he could receive her thoughts by touch.

Do you trust me?

 ‘You okay?’ he asks.

 She nods.

Whispering into her ear, he says ‘Tell me the first thing that pops into your head.’

 She bites her bottom lip, sits up, and rests her elbows on his chest.

‘Did you know pineapples can technically eat you?’

 ‘What?’ He says, raising an eyebrow.

         ‘The enzymes or whatever in pineapples can dissolve your skin, that’s why after eating them your lips tingle,’ she replies, looking at him seriously, her head slightly tilted.

           ‘Beautiful. Sounds like bullshit, but beautiful,’ he says as he leans in to kiss her, she lets his lips touch hers before pulling away.

      She rests her head back down onto his chest, turning her face from his. Not what you wanted to hear. Squeezing her eyes shut, as he wraps his arms around her once more. I’m sorry.


The first time I snuck out,
I was 20 years old.

You encouraged me,
and I walked to meet you.

You showed you cared,
your own inhaler, passed to me.

We walked through the night,
alone with each other.

We sat in graveyards,
cuddled on the steps of a church.

One hand held a lit cigarette,
the other wrapped around me.

We moved to country lanes,
to muddy pathways, trees overhead.

At 4 am you spun me facing you,
Our lips touched.

It was unexpected but touching.
You’re still impulsive, but there for me.

You made me promise to stay in touch,
To not let another 4 months go by.

When the sun began to rise,
We went our separate ways.

Left to think about what we did.
The advice you gave.

That if I do what makes me happy,
Everything will fall into place.


two minute fix

I need a cig– The most common phrase you say

The fumble in your pockets, desperation growing.

That little smirk when you find your addiction.

Does it really matter that you want to blacken your lungs?

Not really, I don’t care I can count on it.

The burning of tobacco takes me back to a little girl, watching my dad.

But I only think of you, every time that smell creeps up on me. 

It’s a love hate relationship, I hate it but I know it brings you peace

It is probably what you are doing now, the cycle that repeats throughout your day.

Rip slide pluck smooth flick lick click inhale

You got your brief fix mate, but you’ll go again in ten.

Rip slide pluck smooth flick lick click inhale

Fuck Fantasy

Lately all I can think about is the last time,
when you held yourself above me, your sweat
from your hair,
onto my breasts,
only      to run      down     my body.

When I think of you, I wonder am I in your head?
I wish you wasn’t in mine, to move from you would make
life easier. I hate hearing how you no longer have an empty bed
I shouldn’t have my heart          Freeze at the thought.

Your body near mine released the dormant endorphin
locked      away,       deep within      me.


Steps you need to take to lesson the pain. I struggle with step
How do I stop?
How do I stop?                  It wasn’t meant to be!

Your life mapped out, mine barely formatted. I can see why you
would want us to end before we even began.

I already know I would poison your life. I let negativity weigh me
Not wanting to be someone else’s ruin, take what you desire.

I knew it was faltering. I let instinct take over and turned what
we did, saying you used me, when I was     so willing.
My body rejected my mind. Unable to take it back.
I watched your face crumble.                 I did nothing.

We tore up our past and began again, this is reality but I
hoped for fantasy.

Did You Expect This?

‘I’ve got a surprise for you,’ she says over his shoulder.

   ‘Oh,  really?’ He replies not taking his eyes away from the laptop screen, his fingers tapping away at the keyboard.

   She kisses his cheek ‘Yeah, it is a pretty huge one actually.’

    He turns and fully looks at her. Her usually loose messy hair is perfectly coiffed on top of her head. Her green eyes carefully outlined.Her lips a dark enticing red. A black dress that shows off every curve. Her long cream legs. All finished off with high stilettos.

  The laptop shuts. He stands and put his hands on her hips. Kissing her lips roughly, lipstick untouched.

  ‘I already like this surprise,’ he whispers in her ear.

   She laughs as she turns to walk away. Her heels clicking on the floor towards the front door. He follows her and sees her standing by a large suitcase.

  ‘We going on a trip doll?’ He asks, slightly grinning.

   She smirks, ‘No, you aren’t going anywhere. I am leaving for good. I just wanted your last image of me walking out and looking this good.’ She unzips the front of the suitcase and carefully takes out a leopard print thong out of the suitcase front and leaves them on the side table. ‘Next time, you cheat on someone, get rid of the evidence.’  She grabs the handle and walks out the door. It closes with a click behind her. 

  He stares at the underwear. He doesn’t even remember who they belonged too. 


Liar to the End

You are a liar.
Scared for what you say,
It’s time for you to leave.

You lie without consequence,
and twist and twist the blame.
It’s time for you to fall.

You seem to believe your lies.
That you so often spread.
How delusional are you?

Does everyone know?
You are a manipulative cunt.
Who has the power to make me hang on.

I feel the guilt of your lies.
You pull me in and hang me out.
You have such a power over me.

Fucking falsehoods shine.
Time for you to stop.
Tell the truth.

You are coded.
Someone I once loved.
I want to break this game of deceit.