This poem is not the best, but today I found out the person this poem is inspired by died on Christmas Day. He will be greatly missed and I hope he is no longer suffering and he is at peace. I love you, Wolfie.



If I never noticed,
the scars that I saw, the ones
that crisscrossed all over your arm,
that you tried to hide with a faded blue hoodie.
Would you have told me about the darkness?
The darkness of the branches overhead that blocks out,
even the slither of the moonlight as we walk
through the town late at night, heading back to yours
Cutting us from the world, your breathing quickens, vision
blurring. To the point where you can no longer see me.
You’re secretive these days, you don’t even dare tell
that you spent the whole night cutting deep into skin.
Brushed off as if you are a burden, whose issues
will prick, like the bushes on the ground. No chance.
Not when you are the other side of me. We need each other.
I don’t mind what holds you back. Not the three little pills you
take three times a day. But you ignore them, fallen from your
hand, left on the ground, small pebbles. You know what is right
for you a diagnosis does not tell the whole story. It doesn’t match how you
are when you see me, picking my whole body up in a bear hug.
Your thick hair entangling in mine, I can feel your heartbeat through clothing.
Blue eyes looking into mine, a cheeky smile spread across your face.
I’ve missed you. Ready for the next adventure, walking side by side
picking me up and carrying me so don’t get mud on my boots.
Day turns into night and we are lost.
I know it is dark and you can’t see me, listen out for me, I’m there.
Thing are different now. Aren’t they? I am so far away, the distance
has pulled us apart.
Unable to trust me. I don’t mind that you blamed it all on me.
I’ll let you have your moment. Just please let me have my say.
Don’t shut the world out. We can find the path again, just trust me.
We can find the way home, the moon is still out, that small brightness.
Please remember saying a word won’t work, I want to make sure you’re okay.
I’m sorry, still going to be here, even when you don’t want me too.
A promise was made, when we hugged on your bed after you
told me it all and the silence fell, you chewed on your piercing.
I am not leaving you behind.



Author: lmccarthy06

Diet of an unsupervised toddler.

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