Time is Fleeting

‘Why is he always so late?’ Ellie thought as she leaned against the wall, she could see both entrances from where she was standing. She turned the volume up on her iPod.

  People kept glancing at her, she ducked her head, tucked hair strand behind her ear. She walked from her spot to the shop in the station. At least it is something to do. She took one of the bottles from the fridge and purchased it and walked back out. Her spot on the wall still empty.

  Ellie’s phone buzzed, a text from him.

              sorry am late, just woke up. Be there in 20 x

  ‘One day I am going to fucking murder you,’ she said as she texted back her response and shoved it back in her pocket.

  At least she could people watch there are all kinds of people to see in bus stations. She could see the coach stops perfectly, a guy a couple of years older than her had a small bouquet of flowers behind his back. He kept checking his watch, he looked excited.

   At least someone can be on time.’

  People rushed out to collect their bags. When a girl her age stepped out the coach, with a plain black suitcase and came into the station, flower boy smiled. When she looked up she beamed at him, his own smile wider. She rushed forward and he presented her with the flowers, she kissed him on the cheek first before taking them in her hands.

No one has ever bought me flowers in my whole life.’ thought Ellie as she brought her hand to her mouth and gently bit.

  He had yet to appear. The clock on the wall said he would be here in two minutes. She slung her bag around her body and placed her hands on the wall behind her to help hoist herself up.  

  ‘Boo!’ said a guy’s voice in her ear.

  ‘You’re late, again,’ Ellie said as she looked at him, her face set straight.

  ‘I’m not that late, I said I’d be twenty minutes.’ He said before smiling putting his hands on her waist.

  She shook her head before taking her phone out of her pocket, scrolled through the messages and showed him the one she was looking for.

  ‘What time does it say we were meeting?’ She asked.

  ‘Eleven…’ he said, smile dropping from his face.

‘What time is it now?’ She said moving away from him, her arm pointing to the clock.

‘Twelve, I’m sorry Ells Bells, do you forgive me?’ He said as he pulled her toward him and kissed her.

She pulled back slightly smiling. ‘Nope, you owe me.’

He nodded before taking her hand, they walked out of the station. She looked at him and frowned slightly.

‘I shouldn’t have to put up with this.’


Author: lmccarthy06

Diet of an unsupervised toddler.

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